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02 Jul 2019 11:14 #56995 von Theg
Hi All

Hope this is the correct thread, seems so. I have recently put the Y axis upagrade, which lets be honest should have come with the machine, however running some basic 1.6mm cuts at 22mm/sec with a 2mm end mill in Mdf yesterday saw the X stalling and snapping cutters..... The X axis is perfectly tuned as well as me adding the tightening lead screw nut to get rid of the mechanical backlash, which I still cannot understand is possible out of the box!

I spend hours looking at the specs of the old Y stepper and the current X stepper. They old Y has double the holding torque of the current X stepper and only draws 1.8A v 1.4A. The drivers on the Performance boards look to be all the same driving x2 2A steppers on the Y, I don't see why it cannot be reassigned with the old Y replacing the X stepper??

Anyone got thoughts on this?

Stepcraft V2/840 /w performance kit

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02 Jul 2019 23:02 #57004 von Theg
Right, so after much research and deliberation I decided this mod has to be done, without it, I cannot trust my machine. I checked the thermal temps of the Y v X drivers and the X was already lower after the motor swop, including the steppers. I tested the torque and what can I say, double! I decided some cooling should be in order anyway so designed the below which covers 80% top of board and c 20% below, all is running cool and super strong.

I can part with STL`s or completed parts for a small price


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