file Frage Performance kit issue with enclosure.

06 Jul 2019 10:48 - 06 Jul 2019 10:55 #57017 von Fabien

I have 2 D420 with enclosures that were working fine.

I just updated both with performance kits and since that, enclosure buttons work one time on 2 or 3. It s on both and i checked wiring multiple times.

It s very dangerous.

Could someone check if voltage levels are compliants ?

Thank you.
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15 Jul 2019 11:35 - 15 Jul 2019 12:09 #57044 von Fabien
I found something.
The performance kit new power supply is 24V (the old one was 30 V) so the 30 V on SUBD15 is probably wrong and reset level is false (maybe too close to the limit due to a resistor divider). I measured 1.46 V when reset is pressed.
Could someone from Stepcraft check that ?
In France, this configuration is illegal due to the safety issue !!!
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