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11 Aug 2018 06:58 #54364 von MariusR
UCCNC installation issues wurde erstellt von MariusR
Hi everyone,

I''m Marius and just got my new SC2/600.
All good with the assembly but got in trouble installing the UCCNC.
I have installed it following all the steps in the instructions, all went well, UC100 drivers installed succesfully,
icons on desktop, done. Plugged the UC 100 to the machine port, try to open it and it comes with the attached message.
It looks like the shortcut created cannot find the target file where it was created. I haven't modified or move it at all.
Now comes the tricky part:
after several attempts on three different computers (win7,win 10, x32,x64) I managed to get it installed and working
when i have choose only the milling profile from the default four that come with the installer (i don't use laser or 3d for now).
All good, start it up, start to play with the machine a bit, using the jog menu, done a bit of axis alignment, homed the machine
and run the SC logo in the air and everything worked well.
Happy with that, stopped everything and went to bed.
Today I was thinking to start again and run that logo for real, cutting a piece of mdf..
Guess what, it comes with the same message again, missing shortcut...
Now I'm stunned, it was working perfectly last night and untouched over night.

I will try to re-install it but till then maybe someone had this problem before and can help me out ?
I've read a lot on the forum but couldn't find anything about this kind of bug..

Thanks a lot and have a good weekend.

Stepcraft 600/2, MM-1000, UCCNC/UC100

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11 Aug 2018 08:26 #54365 von MariusR
MariusR antwortete auf UCCNC installation issues
Good morning,
All sorted, The culprit was my antivirus, even it was deactivated though, still throwing the executable files in quarantine..
Created an exception for the entire C:\UCCNC and all working fine now.

happy days

Stepcraft 600/2, MM-1000, UCCNC/UC100

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22 Jun 2019 17:58 #56969 von Stampatur
Stampatur antwortete auf UCCNC installation issues
Good afternoon.
I experienced a similar problem.
I had the system working properly for a number of weeks when all of a sudden the whole thing stopped working. Although when I plug the usb cable I could hear the sound that the computer through windows 7 was connected the result was negative, UCCNC could not function. I checked for the driver in the Device manager but it was not listed. I was surprised because my system is not attached to internet so windows upgrade was not possible that could change my settings.
So I uninstalled everything to start fresh. I managed to get the system working again. But to my amazement when I got the next day to use my cnc machine, the stepcraft 840 the same problem re-appeared. Since the purchase, I did change the controller board because the original was damaged and stopped working so a newer version was installed.
After many attempts installing from scratch and having issues also with the tool sensor of not functioning properly accidentally after some thinking I managed to find a solution to the problem.
An important note: When asked during installation to hook up the usb wire make sure that the UCCNC adapter is NOT connected to the board.

1. un-install the cnc software completely, and make sure you clean the system, registry etc., using appropriate software.
2. Install the complete software downloaded from stepcraft site.
3. Make sure you have also M31.txt to replace later after installation residing in the profile directory.
4. Do not run the software at any point after or during installation.
5. If you are using the tool height sensor, edit using notepad the stepcraft profile, look for probepin and change from 0 to 10 and port = 1.
6. After installation, restart the computer with the usb uccnc cable with the adapter but NOT attached to the board itself.
7. When window is running, with the power to the board off, attach the uccnc adapter to the controller board.
8. Before feeding power to the controller board, go to the device manager, and you should see the driver C100 uccnc in the list of drivers along with other usb list.
9. Switch on the controller board power.
10. Run the controller software, and for me everything seem to be working ok.
11. Home the unit.
12. Check the tool sensor.

This whole proceedure seem to work fine. I switched the computer many times and the driver seem to stay in place.
The most important point is not to have the power on for the controller board when you switch on the computer to run. Switch the power on after windows booth and settle down.

I hope the above help in some way because believe me it was a whole week of frustration trying to solve things out. It was just a lucky thinking and a hunch.

Happy CNCing and routing.


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