29 Dez 2018 18:17 #55524 von NIVMALCA
i need help !
i buy the uccnc for my stepcraft 210
i check it for working and its was ok! the machin work and move to home positon! in x y and z

after few days itry to move the cnc
ithink istroke the machin in the limit switch and the rest buton dont want to apply!
i see some youtube help and trying overidelimts and the machin stil stroke but i start lisening the machin working
So i understand that i need the release some screws to move the axis manual !
after i move tha machin from the limits switchs in one axis (i was stroke in x and y axis i releas y axis)
and wanting to check if it works
i back to the uccnc and the overide limits not click!! so now i cant rest the softwere and trying to move the y axis and x axis

any help???

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