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17 Apr 2019 16:14 #56360 von Emir
Y axis Jam wurde erstellt von Emir

I have a Stepcraft 2/420 Desktop CNC Construction kit. I Assembled the machine and the electronics according to the instructions, but Y axis was jamming. I thought that it could be a mechanical problem, I followed the instructions on the Y axis aligment video but it didn’t help.

Motor starts to jam at low speeds like below 50% jog speed. I removed the belt and motor still jams and vibrates a lot even it is not connected to any mechanical part.

Also the CMOS Translator connected to Y axis and the Y axis motor itself heats a lot quicker and more than the others.

I tried to connect X motor on the Y input, Translator heated again and X motor was vibrating like Y motor.

How can I resolve my problem and you can also see the problem on video which is attached.

Kind Regards

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