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26 Jul 2020 03:39 #59334 von BDub888
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When designing in Vcarve Pro 10, should a file that's saved come out as a crv or txt file? When, I save a file it come out with one of these (2)two different files extension. When, I try and load the crv file into UCCNC it will not except this extension. When I try and reload the txt file, vcarve will not reopen this file. Vcrave will only open crv files. So when, I make changes they do not show up on my txt file. I tried changing the txt file to crv but it will not give me that option.

What am I doing wrong with the save?

My machine is a Stepcraft D840 with ATC.

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27 Jul 2020 09:25 #59340 von CNCMiller
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Saving files in Vectric programs will standard always be in the designated format extension of that program.

You need to create a toolpath (G-code) with the appropriate post-processor for your machine that will work with UCCNC.

After the creation of the toolpath you save this file and load that file in UCCNC. (now you get the correct file extension)
Align your machine, set the correct X,Y-Z zero positions and check.
Now you can start milling.

Good luck

SC 1/420 + Gantry extension, Kress 1050 FME-P, WinPC-NC USB v3.40,
Vectric Aspire 9, SolidWorks 2021

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