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Process wood, aluminum, plastics and many more materials with your own CNC machine. With the computer-aided CNC router you can reliably produce accurate and precise parts and workpieces. No matter if for your workshop (hobby, model building, maker), the industry (CNC manufacturing, prototype construction, serial production) or education (school, education, CNC course) - at STEPCRAFT you will find the perfect milling machine for your application.

German CNC Manufacturer

As a manufacturer based in Germany, our CNC machines are produced at our headquarters in Menden. From here we supply customers with CNC machines and CNC accessories all around the world. Together with more than 25 resellers and our subsidiary in Connecticut (USA), we support customers worldwide. STEPCRAFT CNC machines are quality products made in Germany. Learn more about us!




From Model Building to Serial Production

STEPCRAFT CNC routers are known from lots of creators all around the world. With our three different machine series you are prepared for every application. All information about the CNC software WinPC-NC and UCCNC can be found on the page "Control Software". Would you like to learn more about CNC technology? Please see "What is CNC?" where we explain what CNC actually stands for and what this technology is all about. For more information on CAD software please see "CAD CAM software - Quick Overview".

CNC Router


For Workshop, School, Production Hall
  • 3 different sizes
  • Working space up to 679 x 1044 x 194 mm
  • Available as construction kit or ready-to-run system
  • 2 machine table heights and Freestyle Milling™
  • Multifunction cnc router thanks to accessories: milling, 3D-printing, cutting, engraving, hot wire cutting
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.025 mm resp. 0.015 mm
  • Standardly features MDF machine table with aluminum T-slots
CNC Router Hobby


For Model Building, Maker, Education, Small Business
  • 5 different sizes
  • Working space up to 600 x 840 x 140 mm
  • Available as construction kit or ready-to-run system
  • Multifunction milling router thanks to accessories: milling motor, 3D-printer, laser, plotter, cutter, engraver, hot wire cutter
  • Repeatability: +/- 0,04 mm - 0,05 mm
  • Standardly features HPL machine table
CNC-Fräsmaschine Gewerbe


For CNC Manufacturing, Individual and Serial Production, Training
  • 3 different sizes
  • Working space up to 1223 x 2446 x 145 mm
  • Available only as ready-to-run-system
  • With All Steel Motion-SystemTM out of hardened ∅ 20 mm steel shafts
  • Production according to the OneTechTM quality technology
  • Repeatability: +/- 0,015 mm
  • Standardly features MDF machine table with aluminum T-slots

Think it. Make it.

Everyone can do CNC! It doesn′t matter if you are young or old, student, teacher, model builder or manufacturer.

Markus Wedel and Peter Urban, Managing Directors at STEPCRAFT
CNC Systems

CNC Systems

With the STEPCRAFT D-Series, M-Series and Q-Series, we currently offer three different CNC systems in a total of eleven different sizes. All systems can be extended with CNC accessories as required.


CNC Tools

All systems of the STEPCRAFT D-Series and M-Series can be converted in no time. From the HF Spindle to the 3D Print Head to the Laser and many more: We offer the tools  you need.

Learning aids

CNC books

For a quick start into CAD, CAM and CNC technology! We take you through all the concepts involved in CNC machining and give you many tips and tricks: From the idea to the finished workpiece.



Whether First Steps or Operating and Safety Instructions, our manuals support you optimally in the set-up, usage and maintenance of your CNC machine and CNC accessories.

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