CNC Cutting with your CNC Router

Drag Knife or Tangential Knife - The best CNC knife 2022

Turn your CNC machine into a plotter, cutting plotter or cutting machine! With the Drag Knife, the Heavy Duty Drag Knife and the OTK-3 we offer three different tools for CNC cutting in our CNC shop. From vinyl to cork to carpet and leather, you can use them to CNC cut a wide variety of materials on your CNC milling machine. We show you which CNC cutting tool is best suited for your project.

Drag Knife

Drag Knife

  • For CNC cutting of thin and fine materials (e.g. sticker cutting)
  • For vinyl cutting, when cutting only up to carrier foil
  • When used with WinPC-NC also direct processing of vector data with radius correction possible
  • Very easy installation, no change in machine profile neccessary
Heavy Duty Drag Knife

Drag Knife Heavy Duty

  • For rough contours
  • For rough cuts in harder materials
  • Radius correction possible up to material thickness < 1 mm with WinPC-NC (only vector data), above it should be done in CAM
  • Very easy installation, no change in machine profile neccessary
UCCNC Steuerungssoftware

Tangential Knife OTK-3

  • Very tight radii possible
  • Very precise
  • Suitable for CNC cutting through materials
  • Precise alignment of 4th axis in machine profile necessary
  • Creasing Wheel mountable to score solid or corrugated cardboard
  • Downholder adapter available
  • For precise cuts in thicker materials

Birthday card and car floor mat

Whether Drag Knife, Tangential Knife or Heavy Duty Drag Knife, CNC cutting is simple, precise and super fast. The CNC tool is either clamped directly in the 43 mm holder or mounted in a corresponding adapter or collet. Materials such as thin vinyl, cork, rubber or even cardboard are perfect for CNC cutting. They can be secured on your CNC machine with painter's tape, double-sided adhesive tape or the vacuum table. This allows you to produce the most different things on your CNC router machine.

Drag Knife

DIY projects with the drag knife

  • Window art
  • Sticker
  • Greetings card
  • T Shirt Prints
  • Papercraft
  • Flock HTV
Car Floor Mat

Strong cuts with the Heavy Duty Drag Knife

  • Rubber car floor mat
  • Cork coaster
  • Carpet cutting
  • Silicone profile cutting
  • Foamboard letters
DIY Leather Bag

Clear-cut with the tangential knife

Technical Data: CNC Knife Comparison

Drag Knife or Tangential Knife? With CNC cutting, the material decides which cutting tool is the right one for your application. From vinyl and foams to leather and rubber to paper and cardboard, you can CNC cut a wide range of materials. We have put together an overview of all the technical details for you.

Drag Knife

Heavy Duty Drag Knife


Minimum cut radius

0,5 - 1 mm

r ≥ 2 mm, depending on material thickness and cutting depth


Radius correction neccessary




Maximum cutting depth

1,5 mm

Stanley Fatmax: 14 mm
Martor 52: 13 mm

depending on blade, up to 100 mm

Possible materials

vinyl, cardboard

sealing material, rubber, cardboard, foam

sealing material, corrugated cardboard, hardboard, leather, cork, textile, vinyl, expanded plastic slab, carpet, Depron®

Blade alignment








Suitable for clampping neck

43 mm (Euroneck)

43 mm to 8 mm adapter,
8 mm collet

43 mm (Euroneck)

Voltage motos




Possible knives to use

cutter 30°, 45°, 60°

Stanley Fatmax,
Martor 52 mm

oscillating blade with Weldon shaft

Definition of cutting depth


manual oder G-Code


Height adjustment




Shaft diameter


8,0 mm

6,0 mm


147 g

126 g

1008 g


97,99 €

179,00 €

419,00 €

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