Whether high-perfomance full version software or intuitively operatable program with industrial character – with us you can select the control software that suits you and your projects best. All of them run under Windows® or a Windows® Emulation for Apple®. For information on CAD software, please see “CAD CAM Software – Quick Overview“.


UCCNC is a software designed to make the interaction with your machine as easy as possible. Thus, the G-Code processing program has not only been optimized specifically for the STEPCRAFT CNC machines, its interface also allows an intuitive operation of the software. The data exchange is ensured via a conventional USB interface of the computer or via a network interface. The easy operation, the graphic presentation with simulation and the arbitrary parametrization are only a few of the software’s features.
UCCNC Steuerungssoftware
Steuerungssoftware WinPC-NC


With the latest version of the machine control software WinPC-NC the engineering office Lewetz released a comprehensive update. WinPC-NC not only contains an entire new graphical interface and a powerful 3D view but also a rearranged and simplified parameter structure as well as an intuitive help function. Further highlights of the new version are the graphic live tracking of the machine’s position, the possibility of showing non-productive motions, the optional hiding of machine-specific basic settings as well as the reduction of the filament feed in the corners during a 3D print. Additionally, WinPC-NC can process isel-NCP files.


Control software for Windows PCs
Minimum requirements CPU with >2Ghz
For STEPCRAFT machines preconfigured
Manual simultaneous control of all axes
Processing of G-code files
Display of the tool paths with the current tool position in the GUI
Simple CAM functionality
Compensation of backlash adjustable for each axis
Tool length measurement and compensation
Software limit switches and machine area monitoring
8 additional outputs e.g. drilling spindle, cooling, dosing
8Bit PWM spindle control
Toggle signal as a safety function
Axis resolution, speeds and ramps can be set individually
Signal test
Controlling a 4th axis, e.g. as a tangential axis
Price (199,-€)
Many languages
Only english
From version 4.0 three display options of the GUI: optimized for touchscreen, window-based and divided into logical areas
GUI divided into logical areas (also touchscreen optimized)
Many setting options for customization
Largely preconfigured
Only all axes can be referenced in the preset order
Referencing of individual axes possible
General functions and functions for accessories can be accessed via menus
Many functions can be called up via buttons and integrated in the GUI
Entry line for manual use of G-codes
Job parameters can be saved and easily retrieved
Accepts HPGL, DXF (2D, R10, R12, R14), drill data by Sieb&Meyer1000/3000 or Excellon and EPS/AI (V3, V8), as well as DIN/ISO, G-Codes, Multicam and ISEL-NCP
In addition to G-code, only processes 2D DXF
Up to 10 tools
Pre-configured for 12 tools
Wired handheld remote control available
Wireless handheld remote control available
Control via app possible (iOS & Android)
Network adapters available for more stable connection
Offers the possibility of panel production
Milling program can be rotated manually as required
Alignment of the workpiece adjustable (manual and 3D probe)
From version 3.0 alignment of the workpiece on the raw part using a 3D probe
Integrated 3D edge tracing function
Integrated 3D edge tracing function, incl. creation of a tactile grid (simple scanning)
Integrated test routines for laser power calibration for laser image engraving and laser cutting
Integrated plug-in for laser image engraving
Drag knife compensation and calculation of the overcuts