CNC Mill for hobby, model building and wood deco


Simply strong. The STEPCRAFT D-Series is the power unit in your workshop. Robust design. Strong motors. Minimum backlash. All this makes the CNC router machine extremely solid, quick and precise. The CNC mill can be used with a wide variety of tools. This way, you can apply the cnc hobby router to mill wood, 3D print, engrave, T shirt print and plotting. As home CNC machine, for growing your own home business or for education. And best of all: We grant a voluntary manufacturer's warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase on STEPCRAFT D-Series CNC mills.

The mini milling machine can be assembled quickly and easily by yourself. The set up of your diy cnc router is not only fun, it saves you money as well. With the ready to run system, the CNC mill arrives at yours fully assembled so you can start right away.

All-Steel Motion System™

for a smooth operation of the system with no wear

Standard Tool Holder

∅ 43 mm tool holder allows the use of third-party devices (if necessary with adapter)

High-strength profiles

for an optimal distribution of forces and high torsion-resistance

Machine table

for plate materials up to 15 mm thickness

Sanyo Denki Stepper Motors

2 ampere strong stepper motors to powerfully travel all axes

igus® Energy Chains

guide the lines through the CNC machine in a safe and protected manner


for an extremely precise and evenly stiff machine bed

  • All-Steel Motion System™

    for a smooth operation of the system with no wear

  • Standard Tool Holder

    ∅ 43 mm tool holder allows the use of third-party devices (if necessary with adapter)

  • High-strength profiles

    for an optimal distribution of forces and high torsion-resistance

  • Machine table

    for plate materials up to 15 mm thickness

  • Sanyo Denki Stepper Motors

    2 ampere strong stepper motors to powerfully travel all axes

  • igus® Energy Chains

    guide the lines through the CNC machine in a safe and protected manner

  • Crossbars

    for an extremely precise and evenly stiff machine bed

Mini CNC or CNC router machine

The STEPCRAFT D-Series is available in three different sizes, offering much space for the most different CNC projects. This way, you can use the cnc machine small for model building and handcraft as well as for creating personalised keyrings or cutting leather bags. The d 420, d.600 and STEPCRAFT 840 only differ in dimension. The range of function is identical with all CNC mills of the STEPCRAFT D-Series. Same precision. Same design. Same strength.

High CNC precision

The less backlash, the more precise the CNC mill. The STEPCRAFT D-Series has been designed in a way that it already aligns exactly and precisely in parts during assembly - all by itself. Because alignment and adjustment is no longer required, you can can focus completely on the assembly of the CNC router. This makes the assembly of the CNC mill so much easier. Simply smart. Simply thought-out. Simply awesome.

Perfect Pretension

Thanks to the precisely fitting production, the track rollers of the STEPCRAFT D-Series CNC mill no longer have to be aligned. The optimal contact surface for the steel shafts and the absolutely parallel run ensure a perfect linear guidane and pretension.

The adjustable spindle nuts make it easy to eliminate any axial backlash.


Robust und clean industrial design

The CNC hobby router is cleanily desgined, well thought-out and extremely robust. The smart high-strength profiles as well as the crossbars in the machine frame make the CNC mill more rigid than any other desktop cnc. igus® energy chains guide the lines safely through the DIY cnc machine. Additional accessories can be easily mounted in the two T-slots of the Z-axis. Simply robust. Simply clean. Simply innovative.

Clean and protected with igus® drag chains

The drag chains from igus® guide the lines through the CNC mill in a safe and protected manner. This leads to a massive increase of the line's service life. Potential CNC accessories can be secured in the two T-slots of the Z-axis. Thanks to the Flexi Guides™, additional cables can be routed cleanly to the side via the X-axis.

At a glance:

  • igus® energy chains
  • T-slots in Z-axis
  • Flexi Guides™

Crossbars in machine frame

The STEPCRAFT D-Series already features a very solid base frame. In order to make it as rigid as possible, the base frame is additionally reinforced with up to seven crossbars. These custom aluminum extrusions are evenly distributed along the Y-axis. Thus, creating an extremely precise and evenly stiff machine bed.

At a glance:

  • Solid base frame
  • Up to seven crossbars
  • Extremely precise and evenyl stiff machine bed

High-strength profiles for extreme rigidity

All CNC axes of the CNC engraving machine feature high-strength profiles. Due to their well thought-out geometries, hollow chamber profiles provide an optimal distribution of forces. This makes the CNC mill particularly torsion-resistant.

At a glance:

  • On all CNC axes
  • Optimal distribution of forces
  • Particularly torsion-resistant

Powerful Drive

The STEPCRAFT D-Series operates powerfully and reliably. The CNC mill features the All-Steel Motion System™ of the STEPCRAFT Q-Series industrial CNC machine - as standard. Together with the two ampere strong Sanyo Denki stepper motors on all axes and the igus® precision lead screws, the CNC router moves smoothly, accurately and with no wear. Simply powerful. Simply fast. Simply precise.

Steel in steel with the All-Steel Motion System™

With the All-Steel Motion System™, steel runs on steel. Steel track rollers run on ∅ 8 mm hardened steel shafts. Because of the extreme hardness of the material, the All-Steel Motion System™ operates extremely smooth and wear-free.

At a glance:

  • Steel track rollers on ∅ 8 mm steel shafts
  • Moves the CNC gantry in a smooth manner
  • Wear-free
  • Double row mounted steel track rollers

Powerful stepper motors and igus® precision lead screws

The STEPCRAFT D-Series is driven by two ampere strong Sanyo Denki stepper motors on all axes. Together with igus® precision lead screws and two stepper motors on the Y-axis, the new D-Series travels 40% faster than the previous model. 

At a glance:

  • 2A Sanyo Denki stepper motors on all axes
  • Two stepper motors on Y-axis
  • igus® precicsion spindles
  • 40% faster

Multifunction with CNC Tools

The CNC mill is a multifunction power unit! Thanks to the large number of different CNC tools, the DIY CNC mill can be used for a wide variety of CNC projects. From CNC milling and 3D printing to vinyl cutting to laser engrave wood and mill aluminum, in our CNC shop you will find the perfect CNC tool for your CNC project. The mini milling machine can be converted in no time at all. This allows you to quickly switch back and forth between the different applications. Simply practical. Simply flexible. Simply versatile. Read more about the most fascinating CNC projects and get inspired by CNC ideas.

Milling Motor

CNC Milling

Use our milling motors to produce precise and accurate CNC workpieces out of many different materials such as wood, plastics, aluminum, carbon or brass. With a CNC spindle you can create wood deco, computer cases, ribs, a wood christmas tree or DIY jewelry. Some milling motors are controlled by the CNC software whilst other are controlled manually.

Visit our CNC shop to find the perfect CNC spindle and CNC tooling for your CNC project - from the HF Milling Router to the automatic tool changer ATC. For more details, please see our router comparison.

3D Printing

Create amazing 3D models! With the 3D Print Head you can turn your CNC mill into a 3D printer for home. Layer by layer you can 3D print a benchy, baby Groot, spare parts, prototypes or Thingiverse files on your mini cnc machine. If you want to securely 3d printing small, peaked areas, the workpiece fan is a great add-on.

Laser Engraving

CNC Laser

No matter if you want to produce a personalised keyring, engrave a bell plate or if you want to laser engrave wood, the CNC laser allows you to contact-free engrave many materials. Depending on the CNC workpiece material, the laser can even perform smaller cutting works and e.g. cut balsa wood. Completely without clamping!

CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting

The osciallating tangential knife OTK-3 produces high-precision cuts even with small contours and letterings. This way, you can create stickers, custom T shirts, laser engravings or leather keyring pendants. The OTK  also precisely cuts materials like cork, Depron®, foam rubber or carpet.

DIY CNC Router vs Ready to Run CNC Machine

When buying a STEPCRAFT D-Series CNC mill you have the choice: Do you want to save time or money? As the CNC hobby routers are available as construction kit or as ready to run CNC system, the choice is all up to you. But whichever option you choose, your machine will come with a voluntary manufacturer's warranty of five years (private customers).

CNC Router Kit

The assembly of the STEPCRAFT D-Series is intuitive - and over much too quickly. In only 4-6 hours, the cnc router is fully assembly and ready for operation. This shortens the assembly time of the 3rd generation D-Series by a full two hours compared to the previous models. Assembling your CNC mill teaches you every single screw. Thus, you can easily perfom later  maintenance works and adjustments on your own.

Advantages of a DIY CNC mill:

  • Best value CNC
  • Intuitiv and quick assembly
  • EasyBuild assembly manual with video support
  • Perform maintenance works on your own
  • Assembling a CNC kit is fun

See our Top 10 Check List on what makes a good CNC construction kit.

Ready to run CNC Mill

Ready to Run CNC Mill

The Ready to Run CNC is the perfect choice for all those who can hardly wait to put their CNC ideas into practice. With the Ready-to-Run solution, your CNC mill will be assembled by our experienced STEPCRAFT technicians. You will receive your CNC machine securely packaged, perfectly assembled and optimally aligned. This way, you save the time for assembly and can start right away with your CAD CAM CNC projects.

Advantages of a ready-to-run CNC hobby router:

  • Save time
  • For all those that want to start right away
  • Perfectly assembled by STEPCRAFT technicians
  • CNC mill already aligned
  • Connect. Turn on. Start.


D-Series: CNC Router Review

All technical details at a glance! See the table below to find the most important technical details regarding the 3rd generation STEPCRAFT D-Series. For more information on the respective CNC mill please see the D.420, D.600 or D.840. You need advice? We are here to help you! Please contact us via 02373 / 179 11 60 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Passage Height

140 mm


± 0,04 mm

± 0,05 mm

Programmable Resolution

0,001875 mm


< 0,08 mm adjustable

< 0,1 mm adjustable

Maximum Speed in Diagonal Travel X-Y

99 mm/s

Spindle (Lead Screw)

Threaded Lead Screw 10x3

Linear Guide

STEPCRAFT All Steel Motion™


2A Sanyo Denki® NEMA17

Tool Holder

ø 43 mm clamping diameter (Euro neck, optional smaller diameters)

Weight (without machine table)

16,5 kg

20 kg

25,4 kg

Input Voltage

100 - 240 V

Output Voltage

30 V

Power Consumption

160 W


USB / Parallel (LPT1) / Network RJ-45

STEPCRAFT - Made in Germany

German Engineering

With more than 12‘000 sold CNC mills, STEPCRAFT is among the international leaders when it comes to multifunction CNC systems. At our headquarters in Menden (Germany), we develop, produce and distribute three different CNC machine series and CNC accessories. We strongly believe in collaborating with local suppliers which is why STEPCRAFT products rightly carry the label “made in Germany”.

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