Customer Stories

Over 5000 customers worldwide work with STEPCRAFT CNC Systems and utilize their machines for a multitude of different purposes. Read here about the fascinating projects our customers realized with their STEPCRAFT CNC System.

A Racing Car fueled by Team Spirit

FAST Racing Team

For 25 years, Jürgen Freiburg has been an active race driver. While most drivers choose prefabricated cup vehicles, Jürgen and the member of his FAST Racing Team build their car from scratch which requires knowledge in the most different fields. In the end, not only a car has been formed and welded but also an entire team.

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From Aluminum Cycling Bottle to E-Bike Battery


As an enthusiastic mountain biker and passionate skin diver Michael Lux is always in search of good equipment that withstands the outside conditions or those underwater without difficulty. With his STEPCRAFT D.420 he produces individual parts that are not commercially available.

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Workshop revolution

Small business

In order to minimize scrap and to generally work more cost-efficient, Kai Altstaedt decided to purchase a STEPCRAFT D.420 and experienced a “creative explosion”.


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Awesome constructions

Airplane model building

For many fans of model building, Markus Frey has been a person of interest for a long time. The exceptional model builder not only regularly astonishes the crowd with his flight models, but is also the world record holder in the largest wingspan of a model airplane with the Kupper Ku4 “Austria Elephant”.

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No cure for the water child

Ship model building

As a water child that grew up on the sea, Thomas Kettler-Semmler is a dedicated ship and functional model builder and, thus, stepped into his father`s shoes. With the help of his CNC machine he is able to realize amazing projects.

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