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The perfect end mill for CNC woodworking

Engraving, pocket milling or cutting, each project requires different end mills. While there is a variety of router bits available on the market, finding the right end mill is much easier than it seems. Face milling cutters, fishtail end mills or V-Grooves are all made for special tasks. We explain the most important terms and show you what to look for when choosing the perfect router bit wood.

End mills wood with different tips

Whether cutting, pocket milling, plunge cutting or relief works, not all tasks can be done with one and the same router bit wood. When pocket milling, for example, the finish should be a flat surface. In 3D milling, such as in relief works, it is important to avoid hard, visible transitions between the individual milling paths. The tip of the end mill, the so-called grinding, is therefore crucial for the finish of your workpiece.

Fishtail cutter


A fishtail cutter has a special grinding that resembles a drill bit. This enables you to vertically plunge into multiplex or other wood.

In short:

  • Fishtail grinding
  • Vertical plunging into wood
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Face cutter

A face cutter features a flat tip. Since it leaves an even surface finish, it is the perfect router bit wood for milling pockets and clearing pockets.

In short:

  • Flat tip
  • Very good for pocket milling
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Ball nose

The ball nose end mill features half a ball at its tip. This makes the radius cutter ideally suited for the stepless carving of reliefs, for example.

In short:

  • Stepless carving possible
  • Very good for relief works

Engrave wood with the suitable end mill

Wood engravings not only look chic, they can also be easily customized. This way, you can use your CNC machine to create a wide variety of wooden signs, bellt plates or name signs with wood engraving in no time at all. If only the depth is to be milled, a simple router bit wood can be used. 3D lettering or 3D effects, on the other hand, can be produced perfectly with the help of engraving bits or V-routers.

A V-Groove or an engraving bit is a tapered end mill for creating 3D letterings. The special cutter is available in different point angles (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°) and produces stylish 3D effects. The V-Groove is suited for larger jobs. For more delicates projects, the engraving bit is the first choice.


In short:

  • For 3D letterings and 3D effects
  • V-Groove for larger jobs
  • Engraving bit for more delicate projects
  • Available in different point angles (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°)

Cutter types and cutting edge geometries

When looking for the right router bit wood, there is a wide variety of different end mills to choose from. A spiral toothed router bit is especially suited for processing soft wood while a two-flute is great for milling hardwood. Upcut, downcut or the compression end mill, the choice of the appropriate router bit wood depends on your project and the cutting edge you want to achieve. We explain, what you need to pay attention to.

Upcut router bit


An upcut router bit wood forces the chips to the top. The clean edge is created on the underside of the workpiece.

In short:

  • Forces chips to the top
  • Clean edge on underside
Downcut router bit


A downcut end mill forces the chips to the buttom. The clean edge is created on the top of the workpiece.

In short:

  • Forces chips to buttom
  • Clean edge on top
Compression end mill

Compression end mill

The tip is upcut, the rest downcut. Clean edges are created on the underside and on the top of the workpiece.

In short:

  • Special cutter for milling wood
  • Tip upcut, rest downcut
  • Both edges clean

Face milling with the CNC machine

In woodworking, an even surface is often indispensable. If you have a planer in your workshop or at home, you can use it to level and smooth the raw wood. An alternative to dressing is face milling with a CNC machine. Just clamp a face milling cutter into the milling motor and the wood is evenly removed path by path. This way, you also get a great finish when producing inlays or working with epoxy.

Face milling

Face milling cutter

Face milling cutters are available in many different diameters and shaft sizes. They feature a cutter head with knives and can be used for processing a wide range of materials such as wood, plastics and epoxy. For a particularly long tool life, the Amana face milling cutter is equipped with 4-sided solid carbide reversible blades.

In short:

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