Think it.
Make it.

Multifunctional CNC Systems for hobbyists

From model builder to  electronics enthusiast to maker, with the STEPCRAFT CNC Systems hobbyists can give free rein to their creativity.

...makes more of your ideas


Realize your ideas on only one machine - with a multitude of optionally available tools! This not only saves you space but also money because the purchase of expensive, additional machines is no longer necessary.

Each of our CNC machines can be equipped with various tools in no time: from the Spindle and the 3D Print Head to the Engraving Laser and the Drag Knife to the Plotting Pen, the Hot Wire Cutter, the 3D Touch Probe and many more. This allows you to process a large variety of different materials such as wood, aluminum, plastics, foils and styrofoam.

Even complex projects with different parts can be accomplished on only one STEPCRAFT CNC machine.


Quick changes

Put changes quickly into practice: Just submit your changes in your design file, upload the file in your machine control software, start milling and shortly hold the the newly manufactured and modified workpiece in your hands.

Precise, fast, accurate

Produce your workpieces in a professional, efficient and precise way - over and over again! Once achieved results can always be reproduced on your CNC router.

Unlimited Creativity

Do not limit your creativity any longer! No matter if fine drillings, clear cuts or complex workpieces - STEPCRAFT CNC Systems open up a whole new range of processing possibilities that would manually be impossible for hobby creators. Drilling hundreds of holes into a brass sheet of 0.15 mm strength for the seats of the HADAG ferry in scale 1:25 and with a drill bit of 0.35 mm is undoubtely among them.

The CAD, CAM & CNC Workbook

You have no or little prior knowledge in CNC technology?

In The CAD, CAM & CNC Workbook you learn everything you need to know in order to produce your first workpiece! A short introduction into the emergence of CNC technology is followed by plenty of knowledge regarding the basic functions of a CAD / CAM program. With Autodesk‘s Fusion 360TM we are using a powerful tool that fascinates beginners and pros alike.

The intuitive interface facilitates the first steps and allows for a quick orientation. Afterwards we explain the main functions of a machine control software with the help of UCCNC.

Each chapter includes a theory section followed by the practical application of the recently gained knowledge in which a chassis of a model car is firstly being drawn before it is finally produced on a CNC System.


Customer stories

Our customers use their STEPCRAFT CNC Systems for the most different purposes. While Markus Frey regularly astonishes the crowd with his model aircrafts in scale 1:2, Torsten Schoofs employs his STEPCRAFT for the production of circuit boards. This way, he is not exposed to the chemicals that would need to be used for etching. He can manufacture the 80 circuit boards that he requires for his domestic bus system in a precise and accurate manner comfortably at home and can install them directly.

Look over the shoulder of our customers while they realize their fascinating projects and read about how and for which purpose they use their STEPCRAFT CNC Machines.

Possible materials

Thanks to the numerous available tools you can process different materials with the STEPCRAFT CNC Routers. Among these are plywoods, laminates, EPP, ABS, PLAS, PE, PVC, Styropor®, Lexan®, Plexiglas®, carbon fibers, brass, aluminum and many more.


Aluminum & Brass

Plastics and composites

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