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26 Feb 2015 08:58 - 26 Feb 2015 09:00 #16438 von der_michel
Hi all,

to prevent you to run into the same questions i had some things i'd changed on my 840 to convert it from ok to wonderful. i changed the Stepper for X and Y to Stepper with more than 45ncm (cost aprox 40 Euros) and this Euros are well spend.
To mount the bigger Stepper to the X-Axis you need to use some distance screws(Computer Mainboard screws might work)

2nd i did get rid of the original Stepper Controller and use this one (, and with this on half step the hole machine runs
much better, smoother and more powerful.(Need different Power Supply)

3rd. The 2 little 3mmx5mm set screws to mount the rack-wheels to the 2 Y-Axis shafts are not fitting, so buy 2 3mmx10mm set screws and
sanding/cut it to the matching size. Now the set screw are fitting, and have now a flat angle.

The Steppers do 200 Steps for 360° and the shafts doing 3mm by turn, so on full step we have 200/3=66,66 Steps/mm and on half step we have 133.33 Steps/mm. (To convert it to useless inch format - use your favorite calculator :silly:)

With the better Stepper & Control i run my Machine with 1700mm/min

Hope this helps to have a proper 840 that makes you have real fun :-)

Best Der_Michel

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(++ = Bessere Steuerung, stärkere Stepper)
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26 Feb 2015 09:42 #16440 von MagIO2
And be aware that you might loose warranty if you do this unless there is an official statement from SC.

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Gruß, Andreas

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