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file Frage How I mount my dust extractor on the Z axis

18 Okt 2014 18:34 - 18 Okt 2014 18:42 #9293 von heustec
How I mount my dust extractor on the Z axis wurde erstellt von heustec
Hi all,

I wanted to quickly show how I've been mounting my dust extraction adapter bought from Stoney-CNC on my Z-axis.

I found that using the method suggested the adapter would bash into the sidewalls or mount brackets thus causing restrictions on actual cutting size. So I detached the two pieces of the adapter to twist it 90 desgrees meaning the hose came out to the side rather than straight up. I then put a tool in the z-axis to centre the apadter to the hole and used a glue gun to stick and seal in place.

Works great, sticks well, I re-glue it every hour or so just to ensure its not going to come off mid cut as this would be a big issue! But being hot glue, it comes off quickly and cleanly, its not exactly pretty, but that doesn't bother me.

Kind Regards

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