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14 Dez 2018 09:33 #55400 von Jon Carron
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Hello Forum!

I am a new owner of a Stepcraft 2 600 machine and new to this forum as well.

I'd like to give the guys at StoneyCNC (especially Rory) a huge thanks for their patience and amazing customer service in helping me overcome teething issues (and the fixes may help other neophytes):
  • some parts missing from the kit (make sure you do a full inventory before begining assembly)
  • general axis tuning (find the StoneyCNC videos on YouTube - invaluable)
  • the official grease is sticky at low temperatures and the Stepcraft recomended operating temperature range is a rare event even in a Global-warming influenced Scottish summer and right now it's winter! (clean it off and use light machine oil - I doubled my y-axis jog speed doing this)
  • grub screw on the x and z axis undo themselves even when properly seated and tightened (use blue Loctite threadlocker)

When the final fix is done (loctite on order) I shall be able to actually make something instead of just doing tests. Anyway, I hope to learn a lot here from all your experience and contribute my own as it grows.


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14 Dez 2018 11:43 - 14 Dez 2018 11:44 #55403 von MagIO2
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Hello new owner ! ;o)

Well .. well .. a CNC is not really a ready to run experience, no matter if it is sold like that or not. Sooner or later you have to understand your machine. But for all people who are willing to learn more than usual consumers, will have a lot of fun on their trip.

But you posted in "Introduce yourself" and not in "Introduce your machine" :lol: ... so, what do you plan to do with your SC?

SC 420 mit DIY parallel + Proxxon mit Mod + SprintLayout + LibreCAD->QCAD + WinPC starter/USB->EstlCAM/Arduino + DIY Shield + DIY Vakuumtisch

Gruß, Andreas
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