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05 Feb 2019 17:57 #55903 von Ofthewell NL
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Good day,

My name is Nico. i am a Dutch guy living in Germany.

I've decided to buy the Stepcraft 840 and I have some starter question you veterans probably can answer right away.

1. Software option
At ordering there is two possible software options (full versions). What is the difference between them and which should i take, As far as i understand it this is jiust the "driver software", right?

2. Spindle
I am doubting between the AMB 1050 FME-1 Sonderedition and the HF-Spindel. What would you advice and why is the last one more expensive?

3. Does the assembly of the unit means I have to do soldering?

4. What software is best for designs? i am mainly going to mill and cut plexiglass/accrylic and wood.

5. Is the 840 after assembly ready to go or can i expect other surprise purchases?



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