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07 Nov 2018 23:56 #54975 von bon
y axis issues wurde erstellt von bon
HI guys!
I'm newly ...please help me!!
when I move my stepcraft on y axis it stopped around half axis length and not goes any further and it makes noise . I recently installed winpc and I don't know if I have set the parameters / setup / profile on winpc.
When I move stepcraft on x and z axes it works good.
thanks in advance

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08 Nov 2018 13:55 #54978 von 2bdeveloped
2bdeveloped antwortete auf y axis issues
It sounds a little like your reaching the soft travel limit on Y. I am not familiar with winpc (I use UCCNC), but if you use the machine specific profile and do not "home" the machine on startup this can, and has, happened to me.

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09 Nov 2018 12:15 #54995 von MagIO2
MagIO2 antwortete auf y axis issues
For me it sounds like the axis got stuck. If soft limits are reached, the software simply stops and you won't have noise.
- The y axis is the longest one and the leadscrews on both sides have to be setup correctly. If they are not in parallel to each other or parallel to the rails you can have this problem. I'd loosen the screws from the front-panel and try it again.
- Otherwise it could also be that right and left side have been setup incorrect. Make sure that both sides of the portal have the same distance to the back-plate, when mounting the belt.
- Does the belt work correctly?

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