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Dear all,

First thank you for the support you will bring to my different requests. As I explained in the user presentation, I'm new in the stepcraft world and as well I read a lot of topics in the forum, some questions stay in my head. Please finf the summary regarding my big interest on the 420 model.

*/ If I well understand, this 420 version could be delivery with
  1. USB port (ref.10113) => in this case I would have to choose between
    • WinPc Starter
    • WinPC Full
    PS: I noted that Starter version may be updated later to the full one)
  2. PARALLEL port (ref.10112) => other softwares could be used to drive the 420 machine such
    • MACH 3 + UC100 adapter
    • UCCNC + UC100 adapter
    PS= is the WinPC Starter included with the // version ?

*/ If this is well understand for me, and regarding the fact that I would add the 3Dprinting option on this machine, would this option run better
  • with USB or // port ???
  • with WinPC nor Mach3 nor UCCNC

I hope my questions are "clear", because my shopping card is waiting for confirmation :-)... but I'm not sure about the most interresting port choice I have to do. I hope Christmas will append before the date.

*/ My last question is : I generaly used Inkscape (+ Profscan) to obtain and controle the *.dxf files, but as I have now to create GCode before sending the file to the WinPC/Mach3/UCCNC, witch software (free or not) would you advise ?

Thank you for your support, :-)
Best regards

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