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18 Jan 2019 17:57 #55751 von SandyM
UCCNC Limits and Error Message wurde erstellt von SandyM
I have recently purchased a Stepcraft 2 420 machine with U100 interface and UCCNC software. After some issues I've got UCCNC installed and working and properly linked to the Stepcraft machine and starting to get familiar with the UCCNC software.

The problem I've hit seems to be with the travel limits on every axis.

I've set Enable Softlimits to off.

I can jog along X Y and Z axis and this works well until I reach the limit of the axis. However at the end of the axis I get one of the following:
The motor stops and the UCCNC software Reset button flashes but when I press it I get an error message saying "The reset logic of the software is active."
I have Limit - pin Active Low unchecked.
Pressing the reset simply brings the same error message up.

If I toggle Limit - Active Low to On I can then press reset without getting the error message. But if I use the jog again the reset flashes and when I hit it I get the error message again.

I can't seem to find settings that both stop at the end of the axis and doesn't give me the error message.

Any help gratefully received.

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23 Jan 2019 22:48 #55784 von peterg1000
peterg1000 antwortete auf UCCNC Limits and Error Message
If you jog to a limit and activate one of the limit switches, this will be the equivalent of an emergency stop.

Since the action was manual (jog) this condition will remain until the machine is moved manually to allow the switch to close - this will then allow the UCCNC Reset button to bring the system back to life.

Turn off the Stepcraft power and rotate the steppers by hand to allow the limit switch(es) to close.

Moral here is - don't jog to the limits - use the "HOME" command!!


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