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15 Mai 2019 15:23 #56591 von Jon Carron
I have bought the laser from Stepcraft and am trying to set it up. I have copied my UCCNC profile for the 600 machine and then tweaked as per the user manual. I am now at the bit where it talks about the M31 Macro (p15). I feel I am so near but so far:

There is a link to a location where you are supposed to be able to download the macro. Annoyingly the link doesn't work, so hopefully copy-and-paste from the PDF version of the manual will save typos! Having created the Macro, where do I put it and how should it be named (these issues aren't covered by the Stepcraft manual). UCCNC manual on macros says:

The macro files are located in the installation folder of the UCCNC software /Profile/Macro_name of profile, where the „name of profile” is the profile name the software is loaded with

This isn't entirely clear. Does this mean the file name of the UCCNC profile (e.g. Stepcraft_Laser in my case) or does it mean "M31-UCCNC.txt" as per Stepcraft's broken link? The former doesn't seem necessary as the Macro will be in the appropriate folder anyway.

Any help getting the macro in the right place and this the right name and settings would be gratefully received!

Finally, back in the Stepcraft manual there is a bit which says:

The default height setting of double newZ (bolt letters) is 3 mm. CAUTION: The visual protection brush has to touch the surface to avoid scattered radiation. Verify and adjust carefully!

I am definitely not an expert on macros but the only reference to 'newZ' I see in the macro appears to be setting it to 2mm. Is this a change and what are 'bolt letters'?

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19 Mai 2019 22:08 #56649 von goldzilla
try this link M31.txt

I think you have to set newZ to a value where the brushes of the laser touch the surface.
can tell you what value I used, when I finished setting up the laser :)

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20 Mai 2019 09:39 #56653 von Jon Carron
This is possibly why the newZ in the maccro is actually 2 (though it begs the question why it says the default is 3mm).

Can you tell me how to name and where to put the macro itself? Thanks

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