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20 Okt 2019 02:39 #57493 von gabriel.settle
X-Axis Suddenly Homing Wrong Direction wurde erstellt von gabriel.settle

I am getting very frustrated... My X-Axis is suddenly Homing the wrong direction.

Stepcraft 840, UCCNC, Vetric Pro 10

We've been using the Stepcraft for a few months now, trying different things and getting to know it. We have not had a lot of problems, but this one seems keep coming back. All of the axis move the correct directions when you move them manually; the only problem lately is trying to HOME the machine. It does not matter which order I configure settings to HOME, the X Axis always homes in the wrong direction. The frustrating thing is, the only change that was made that could have caused this was switching to the DL445 laser head. We unplugged the machine and all the cords (already powered off of course), disconnected the spindle head and control box, and plugged in the DL445 components and then turned everything back on. This is not the first time we've done this with no issues... but this time, the X-Axis seems to want to HOME the wrong way. I have checked each stop sensor mechanism and none of them are being triggered... I can't find any other discussion posts regarding this specific issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Honestly, we have had so many difficulties with UCCNC (such as the Z-Height 0 adjusting upward mid-carve) that we are considering selling our machine and going with a different manufacturer out of sheer frustration. I posted this other problem on this forum, but still have not gotten any answers to that one.

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08 Nov 2019 05:00 #57620 von Reiner St.
Reiner St. antwortete auf X-Axis Suddenly Homing Wrong Direction
@ gabriel.settle

unfortunately don't have UCCNC, but maybe a solution.
Please check the connections of the X-axis motor again.
With WinPCNC the X-axis moves in direction - to the limit switch and in direction + away from the limit switch. Is that also the case with you?

If the connection is OK then check if you can invert the axes and test again.

What happens if you disconnect the laser head DL445, does the milling machine then move back to the home position, does the X-axis move normally again?

Greetings Reiner

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12 Nov 2019 12:51 #57633 von andileibi
andileibi antwortete auf X-Axis Suddenly Homing Wrong Direction
Check the X-end switch for free movement.
I had a similar issue, at first it homed in the correct direction an pressed the end switch, afterwards it should drive some steps in the other direction till the end switch gets free.
In my case the end switch was a bit sluggish and kept pressed so the x axis jogged to the other side, away from the end switch.

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