file Question How to install the Stepcraft Vacuum table the easy way...

05 Jul 2020 20:23 #59257 by hhv

I bought the new vacuum table by Stepcraft for my D.840. Amazing device. Wow... However, I do not find it easy to install it onto the aluminium T-slot table. I am struggling to get the whole table firmly attached to the T-slot table. Sometimes one of the nuts slips through the T-slot and I simply screw it onto the underside of the vacuum table instead of onto the T-slot table. Sometimes one of the nuts drops from the bolt and I can then start over, unscrewing all the bolts, removing the table, screw in al the bolts etc. Things like that.

I try to do it like this: I screw on the nuts to the bolts that hold down the vacuum table, then I place the vacuum table on top of the T-slot. Then, it is a hit and miss trying to get all the nuts and bolts correctly fixed to the T-slot table. I won't be removing the vacuum table a lot, but still, after three attempts I get a little cranky ;-). Any tips on how to do this are very much appreciated.



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