file Frage PH-40 base station goes in stand by mode while printing

15 Nov 2018 10:39 #55070 von Mar
I followed the first steps guide to set up the PH-40 3d printing and got cura to generate correct g-code for the Stepcraft. Little note, the ultimate version of cura doesn't work i had to download an older version and also on page 13 of the guide you can clearly see that the g-code was generated with slic3r wich is a kind of a joke for a guide that is explaining to use cura to not use it.
The problem i'm facing right now is that the base of the head goes in stand-by mode after 5 minutes. From the documentation i found that there is a job active pin in the parallel port but i don't know how to control it.
I'm using UCCNC with the 3d printing plug-in.
Thanks all for the support.
I'm kind dissapointed by the lack of documentation and its quality.

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15 Mär 2019 01:12 #56126 von kkevin00
Hi Mar,

Im having exactly the same issue, and wondering if you have found a fix for it? is super frustrating having to go and save temp every 3 mins for me ;/

Many Thanks,

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