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12 Jan 2019 16:02 #55687 von Ferrawin
Hi guy`s
I'm using the Stepcraft 2 600 model with the 1.75 3D print head and I am using AMB 1.75mm Filament . The software for slicing the 3D model is the "Cura" and the 3D printer software is the UCCNC.

When I tried 3D printing the Stepcraft STL file, i find it difficult to get the printer A axis motor to start in order to feed Filament to nozzle, Stepcraft it self starts by executing g-codes heating up nozzle to set temperateures and starting fan, but fails to start motor. Are there any additional things that needs to be set in UCCNC or elsewhere?, I am using Stepcraft 600 profile for 3D printing as well made sure to install drivers from provided disk, although everything i try to connect from any of the attachments i get for the Stepcraft it fails to start, have similar issues with probe for height- sensor it simply does not register and port 10 does not light up when pressed, it is conected directly to conroal board, and spindle AMB 1050 FME-p is not starting motor either, both tools , spindle and 3D printer head are using 15pin connector directly to control board.

So for me it looks like software issues, can maybe someone assist with some advise?

I attached setting that I have for my 3D printer from UCCNC

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18 Jan 2019 15:02 - 18 Jan 2019 15:03 #55750 von MikeRD03
Normally this is an issue with the axis naming of the extruder inside the GCode. Check naming expected and actual naming in GCode.

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