file Frage y-Axis Troubles - Could it be the Lubricant?

07 Feb 2019 21:29 #55918 von Dave O
Hi Guys,

First off - I'm new to the world of CNC machines and to this forum so big hello from me :)

Now, I'm sure I am not the only one who has had issues with the y-axis, from searching the forum I see many a post asking for help and advice regarding binding issues...

I have had my SC2 420 for little over 2 weeks now and in this time it has spent most of its short life in bits. I have had binding issues since the beginning, I have watched ever tutorial video, read every post and stripped, cleaned and re-assembled the machine 3 times - my conclusion on whats causing the binding issue seems to be the supplied lubricant.

I am wondering if anyone else has had such an issue? I have literally spent 20 hours plus adjusting and re-adjusting the lead screws, bearing tension, belt tension and gantry alignment and then today I had my 420 running smoothly for 2 hours but then I remembered that I have not lubed up the rails and lead screw, so I applied a small amount of the supplied lube and just like that that, the binding issue was back. So I cleaned it off, reached for the trusty old WD40 and gave it a few squirts... just like that, no binding!!!

So has anyone experienced the same issue and if not but youre having binding troubles maybe its this.

Would love some feedback on this.


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10 Feb 2019 01:02 #55928 von Rory
Yes - if the location is cold the grease can cause this. Best use light oil little and often

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24 Apr 2019 13:35 #56434 von cesc85
Hi, I've a similar issue.
I didn't use my 420 for about 2 years and now the circle aren't circle and the 90° angles are "smoothed".
I've noticed the X stepper motor is not working correctly, it seems to "jump" when it move from X+ to X- and from X- to X+.
So, it seems to lose a step, but I checked every bear and the other components and for me all it's ok.
Can you help me? Thanks

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