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08 Jan 2015 22:39 #13329 von Duncan
New Stepcrafter via Stoney CNC wurde erstellt von Duncan
Hi all,

just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone here.

I've recently completed my build of a 420 fitted with a Proxxon IBS/E which I'm running with UCCNC and VCarve Pro. Quite excited now the machine is fully up and running! :)

Probably going to be doing mainly engraving with it, although as I get more used to CNC then I might get more adventurous.

I have the basic model at the moment, but I might add a few accessories - I think there is a diamond etching head you can get?

I also just wanted to say a word about the excellent service I received from Rory at Stoney CNC who I bought everything from. I was a bit daunted at building the machine, and loading the software and getting it all to work, as I've never tackled a project of that complexity before and I had little prior knowledge of CNC.

But, I have to say the build went very smoothly as did loading all the software and getting my 420 up and running.

The package you get from Rory is very thorough, well thought out and helpful. All the steps are explained in full detail so that even a duffer like me can do it without going wrong! They supply all the software pre-configured - so it really is just a case of installing what is on the DVD's.

For anyone else like me who is a bit unsure whether they are going to be able to put everything together then I would recommend you contact Rory - he looks after his customers very well, and you will be up and running in no time with no stress!

look forward to comparing notes with you all, as I start my CNC adventures!


Stepcraft 420 (1)
HF Spindle 500
UCCNC & VCarve Pro

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