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29 Dez 2018 00:28 #55517 von GeeJay
Laser Engrave Test pattern wurde erstellt von GeeJay
Created a test file with VCarve Desktop to generate a test pattern 50mm wide x 60mm high, to assist with laser engraving.
The purpose is to create a number of dots spaced .1mm apart at different power levels commencing at 10% with 10% increments to 100%. Also made 4 different feed rates.
The rectangles have a height of .3mm, when burning these there shoud be a gap of .1mm in the centre.
I use a magnifying glass to view the result of the laser engraving to to compare the results of the different burn patters to choose the correct settings when laser engraving.
The VCarve file V9.5 is attached. There are a lot of different toolpaths but these can all be selected and saved as one toolpath.
In my test file I have entered the name of the species I wish to test, in the example this is Jacaranda.

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