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14 Jul 2018 22:26 #54208 von Ianmed67
First I’d like to say hello as this is my first post ,
second , I’m about to purchase my first cnc machine ( v2 600) to use for making acoustic stringed instruments. I shall be using it for making routing jigs and molds from mdf which I know is ok , but I mainly want it for cutting mother of pearl inlays as shown in the photo. Also Small lettering no smaller than 8 mm
Is it possible to achieve this sort of detail with this sort of machine or is it only possible on machines costing many thousands ?

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29 Sep 2018 07:42 #54725 von Doug
Hi Ian.

I think we communicated recently via Facebook Messenger on this topic but I thought it would be useful posting a reply here.

The most detailed cut I have done with my Stepcraft 2/840 machine is a small 'wafer' or base for a replica Jeanrenaud DPDT parallel slide switch which I cut from phenolic resin sheet 'tufnol'. I used a 0.8 mm diameter flat nose end mill. This is shown in a brief video on my Youtube channel:

I was slightly surprised at how well the small details (squares and circles) executed on this job proving that a well tuned Stepcraft CNC machine is just as capable of handling larger jobs as well as intricate ones. I recall suggesting to you that you buy a smaller format machine as you need for cutting inlays to help with rigidity and ease of set up.

Let us know how you get on because a number of users struggle to mechanically tune their machines after assembly, particularly the largest format 840 size.



Stepcraft 2/840, StoneyCNC industrial HF spindle, 4th axis, TurboCAD 2016 Professional 64 bit, MeshCAM, GWizard feeds & speeds calculator, UCCNC
Hobby use: guitar building (luthiery),

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