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This is a NeJe 20W Laser and tester control box.

The NeJe Laser pakkage include a test and control board. But to leave the PCB without a housing isn't a good idea. So I decided to make a control housing for it. Because I own a Stepcraft machine for CNC works I found it natural to use their style control boxes.
  • - Original Controlbox v. 1.0 (12-2020) can be found on:
  • - Update v. 1.1 (03-2022) Redesigned the controlbox so it hold most of the components on the botttom base. The front is now fully printable and by useing 2 colors the text is intergrated.
  • - Update v. 1.2 (09-2022 Addaped the bottom to hold the print for the Runtime Counter. Adapted the front to hold the 0.91 Oled display.

Manual set the Laser power or use PWM control, check laser temp and off
Parallel in-out on DS 15 connectors (in from CNC controlboard, out to aux) this is an option use it or leave it.
Input to use only PWM signal from DS15 pins 2 (gnd) and 13 (signal) from the Stepcraft sub D-15 connector.

Added by update v. 1.2
Runtime counter placed to keep track of the working hours/on-time of the Laser.
The build and schematics can be found at:

This box will fit in the enclosures made by Stepcraft.

DS 15 connector female (signal out)
DS 15 connector male (signal in)
Mono 3,5mm jack mount (only PWM in)
DC 12V jack mount (external 12V supply minimum 2A)
DC 12V jack plug to power the laser control board
Rocker switch small (for main power on/off)
GX 12 or 16 4 pole mount and plug (for laser cable extensinon)
JST XH (2,54mm) 2-pin plug to connect PWM wire to control board
JST PH (2,0 mm) 4-pin plug for Laser connection to control board (also use for cable extension to Laser)
15x M3 6-8mm screws
4x spring 6mm x 10mm long

Printing the box.
All parts are printed with a layer height of 0.2mm and a 0.4mm nozzle. The cover should be printed upside down (no support needed) the front and back are printed with the text on the printing bed. When you want to colour the text, change filament color after the first 3 layers, no need to change color back you will not see it. All needed STL files can be found on:

I made several options for input signals as well for output.

The Stepcraft CNC control board has only one DS-15 port so if you have more tools that make use of the DS-15 port it is usefull to make a parallel loop in the controlbox. Than you connect the Laser control box to the CNC machine and the other cable from the controlbox to the other tool (e.q. Spindle or Printerhead) make sure to put a on/off switch to that tool or take the power cable out, so the signal will have no effect to that tool.
If you only will use the PWM power control from your G-code you can use a DS-15 male connector and only solder two wires to pin 2 (GND)=(Laser -) and pin 13 (Relay 1)=(Laser+). On the other end use a mono jack plug or connect it directly to the controlboard with a JST XH 2 pole plug (In that case you can leave the mono jack mount).
Power the PCB use a DC 12V 2A power supply. You can use a DC Jack mount on the box or connect a DC Jack directly to the PCB. I higly recomment to place an On/Off in both cases, this will prevent unwanted activation of the Laser (which is higly dangerous).
To power the Laser a cable is provided with the Laser if you need to extend that you can make use of GX12 or GX16 4-pin mount and plug. Cut the cable provided and solder that to the GX mount. if you need a longer cable you have to use a 4-pin JST PH 2,0mm plug for the connection on the Laser or you use the one on the provided cable.

The electrical scheme will explain.

SC 1/420 + Gantry extension, Kress 1050 FME-P, NeJe 20W Laser, WinPC-NC USB v4.00, Vectric Aspire 9, SolidWorks 2021

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