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08 Nov 2018 22:00 #54981 von K3CFPV
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The exhaust adapter for my HF-500 has a small white plastic spacer that holds the head of the screw and allows it to tension the adapter in place. However, the design is bad since there is a 3mm space under the spacer and over the exhaust adapter locating flange. If you tighten the screw a bit too much, the spacer breaks. I've tried to glue it several times, but it kept breaking after awhile.

So, my solution was to design a new one in Solidworks that extends down into the hole in the spindle plate to take up the 3mm gap and better supports the screw head. I then printed it in ABS on my Raise3D N2 printer. Works great, and no more worries about breakage.

Attached is a picture of the new spacer and the STL file I used to print. Enjoy!

S2/600, Industrial HF spindle (StoneyCNC)
DL445, 4th axis, touch probe, 3D probe
UC100 + UCCNC (Win10)

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