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15 Dez 2018 04:49 #55404 von Romosz
Opt laser 6w and MM-1000 wurde erstellt von Romosz
Hi all. Recently purchase the 840 with the MM-1000 and an Opt laser. I’m having issues with both and thought I would see if anyone could help.
MM-1000 - I have a lot of difficulty changing bit due to the collet holding them so tight. Anyone else seen this? Any advice?

Opt Laser 6w - I’m using VCarve with the addiotional Vetric PostP ( Stepcraft PWC inches). When I create a file with the new PostP the gcode is out of scale on my machine. Steppers run very slow and the actual design or picture is “printed” very small. Thoughts?

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17 Dez 2018 11:34 #55423 von MagIO2
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Maybe a problem in your software chain? DXF-files do not contain the measuring unit. Which means you can happily work in one software with an inch setup and in another software with a mm setup without notification from any software.
Result being that the piece printed/milled/lasered will be too big or too small.

So, make sure that each software in your toolchain has the same setting for it's own work and maybe for import/export.

One other reason for scaling problems is, that SC1 has different mm/revolution settings than an SC2 has, but this would not result in a very small print. Just mentioned it for completeness.

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Gruß, Andreas

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