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25 May 2020 17:29 #59068 by PapaAtHome
In december 2019/januari 2020 I have made a box as a present for my wife.
Still in the process of learning new skills (as it that will ever stop!) and finding out what my 420 can and cannot do.
The dificulties I had with my 420 making this box was a direct cause for giving the performance kid a closer look.

The box I made is 15 x 20 cm and about 5 cm high.
Bottom and lit are equal and the closing is made in such a way that the orientation of the lit does not matter.
It was finished with shellac, wich took me far more time than the design and cutting. ;-)

The end result looks nice but this project was not without its problems.
If you do not know where to look for then most of the time you will not notice the imperfections.

First, I was using a 10mm bit for the rough outer edge. and somehow steps were lost in the Y-direction.
Resulting in an ugly bit of wood taken away where it should have to stay.
I fixed that with gluing in a new bit and just redid that bit. Not a perfect fit but good enough for me.

Done that, got the same problem again (losing steps in the Y-direction) on the other part.
But now the effect was nog a big part missing but a pass through the ridge where box and lit meet each other.
The impact of this was less severe than the first `accident' and I got away with it. Still, if you know where to look you can see is.

It was a unpleasant supprise for me, loosing steps. After this project was ended I did some tests and found that particular in the y-direction the 420 is suspectable to it. But I noticed that also in the z-direction, moving up with the MM-1000 in it there is a limit on the speed. Going up too fast and I did see some step losses a few times. That, corona and work made that until recent I hardly used my machine.

I had a look on possible soloutions to this problem of loosing steps. The 420 looks underpowered to me.
And I found the Performance Kid, which I did order and was laying on the bench for about four weeks before I had the time to do something with it.
But is was easy to install (what else can you expect from Stepcraft) and, after some repeated testing on the y-axis, it solved the problem there.
For the z-afis, I just temper the speed of going up.

If you think that your stepcraft is underpowered or if you experience steplosses in the y-axis too often, give the Performance Kid a good look. For me it is worth every penny I paid for it.

Kind regards.


Ich lese Deutsch, ich spreche (ein wenig) Deutsch, aber ich kann kein Deutsch schreiben.

SC420/2+Perf kit+MM1000+WinPC-USB v3.02/06+UCCNC v2111,
FreeCAD/Inkscape on Windows10, 64 bit.

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