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17 Jul 2018 23:57 #54233 von AlexandreBorowczyk
Track Roller issue wurde erstellt von AlexandreBorowczyk
I've had to disassemble my stepcraft to do a deep cleaning due to important jamming issues.
Unfortunately, I'm afraid I've mismatched some of the roller assembly.
I have access to high accuracy calipers and would like to try to match the correct pieces together.
Now I'm not sure how to proceed?

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13 Okt 2018 21:42 - 13 Okt 2018 21:52 #54804 von mayhem2408
mayhem2408 antwortete auf Track Roller issue
I have just had to get new Y axis aluminium sides and rollers because the aluminium became pitted when some debris fell through the rubber seal. I clean my rails once a week because I use the machine about 10-15 hours per week. Next week I will be pulling the machine apart. Hopefully all goes well.
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