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Cutting fabric with the Oscillating Tangential Knife OTK-3

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I have a couple of questions regarding the tangential knife which we want to use for cutting woven cotton fabric. Can anyone chip in on any of these?

+ anyone have any experience with this knife, in particular cutting thin-ish materials? Any gotchas?

+ anyone have any idea of the max cutting speeds they have achieved in practice? With fabrics?

+ the manual for the knife lists settings for 1mm rubber, 5mm foam rubber, 4.5mm foamboard & 1.7mm leather. Although thin materials like fabric, paper and card are listed in the manual and marketing materials, I can't see any settings. Anyone have any experience?

+ is there any compliance or springiness in the tool? I can imagine for very thin materials that the flatness of the bed or variations in material thickness might be a problem with some areas cutting well and some not cutting at all. Any thoughts?

TIA, Alan

Veröffentlicht : 17/06/2020 2:50 pm