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V Bit engraving pat...
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V Bit engraving patterns - very rough sides

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Just did some pattern engraving on a slab of mahogany with a 32mm diameter 60 degree v bit, side walls turn out very rough and not clean. Anyone can advise how to improve this? I'm working off vcarve and stepcraft 600 with kress spindle at speed 14k rpm at 360mm/min feed, pass depth 1mm.

Veröffentlicht : 13/07/2016 6:04 am
Javier Valencia Rodriguez
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Do a multi pass program. If your total depth is 1mm, try a first pass at 0.8 and a last pass of 0.2mm. That should help.

Also try different feed speeds. 360mm/min is pretty slow for 1mm depth in my opinion.

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Veröffentlicht : 13/07/2016 10:19 pm
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For my 3mm 90 deg V-carve bit from stepcraft (SKU 10105 from ) I have used following parameters:

Diameter: 3.0 mm
Included Angle: 90
Pass Depth 1.0 mm
Final Pass Stepover: 4.2%
Clearance Pass: 25%
Spindle Speed: 18000 rpm
Feed Rate: 1500.0 mm/min
Plunge Rate: 500.0 mm/min

I also have the 60 deg V-bit, but I use the 90 deg most....

Here is some examples of the Wolfram cube stand I made. The triangles are made with 90 deg and 60 deg V-bits. The extra lines visible on one of the sides is because the stepcraft lost some steps in Y-direction between roughing pass with 3mm end mill, and final passes with 60 and 90 deg V-bits.

The other example is a dragon I have been V-carving with 90 deg bit several times (first seal the wood with clear lacquer, then paint the top black, and then V-carve the image).

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Veröffentlicht : 25/07/2016 4:49 am