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Hi All.

Is there another forum for Stepcraft / Vcarve / UCCNC that is more active than this?
It takes too long to get replys here.

Veröffentlicht : 10/10/2017 1:26 pm
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Hi Kasper
Maybe there is another one.
But there is not a better one.

😉 :silly: :woohoo:

Veröffentlicht : 10/10/2017 1:38 pm
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One would think that in a forum that is made specifically for a single brand the people behind the brand would be ready to answer questions if other users are not.

I asked i simple question days agi about software and no one replied.

I asked the same question in another CNC forum last night and my problems with Stepcraft's software has been solved this morning.

Now my issue with this is that i need to buy one more CNC machine very soon. with a company so silent as Stepcraft, should i go for a company more active in their products and users?

Please - People behind Stepcraft. Your good costumer care and service are not what people are mentioning when asking about your company.
Your products are great but you will loose costumers this way.

Veröffentlicht : 11/10/2017 4:25 pm
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Hello Kasper
This is a user forum.
You should not expect too much from your English fellows...
Because there are only a few of them active here.
For tech support its always a good idea to contact the tech support...

Wish you a nice day

Veröffentlicht : 11/10/2017 4:38 pm
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And the tech support can be reached ... ???

I share the same experience as he does, and I contacted tech support.
I received a polite response that, as I requested, "Someone" would contact me...

Still waiting........

I wonder what the response will be and if the problem will be handled & solved.

Veröffentlicht : 13/12/2019 2:47 am
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We've had this topic several times. Stepcraft claims that the forum is not an official way to contact them. It is a pure user forum. So, at best you find a user who had the same issue and is willing to share the solution here.
The responsiveness of this forum decreased over the time. Reason being the ignorance of the users opinions. SC used a better forum software/design in their beginning. A lot of the early day users which were very active left the forum because of the new software/design which has too many drawbacks. (One being that I again lost my previous answer because of the f***ing "active session" timeout :o( Obviously the new users/customers could not compensate the loss of the active community yet.

The official ways to contact SC are email and phone. From all that I read here, my guess is, that you have the best chances when you really try it hard via voice line. SC is too busy in growing, which turns SC into a chaotic system. Email and "Someone calls you back"-promises simply fade away in space-time continuum. In the end it might be best to flood them with service requests on all channels until your problem is solved? ;o)

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Gruß, Andreas

Veröffentlicht : 13/12/2019 9:55 am