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hard- and software setup

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I'm new to the CNC world and watched many youtube clips about cnc machines and software to use before buy anything. That said. My choice is the SC M1000 with UCCNC and the Vcarve Pro design software. My idea is to buy a touchscreen with a nuc pc with the UNCNC software (workshop) and the Vcarve can go on my home computer. I don't know if a touchscreen is a good idea for responce to the cnc in case of emergency. (i see videoclips with software on a phone to control the cnc during setup and that seems to work instantly) Also to transfer VcarvePro files to the UCCNC on a usb back and forth is convenient. The other option is to take a laptop with Windows to install both programs and take that from home to my workshop. To start with this will be a hobby and a expansion with other woodworking. I will appreciate suggestions for best practice on this one. 

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