file Frage Flying soapboxes at the Redbull Air Show

19 Jul 2016 10:48 - 20 Jul 2016 11:34 #35944 von Anke
Last Saturday the RedBull Air Show took place, a crazy event where more or less flying soapboxes are nearing the water fastly. Andreas Reinhard of and his team got Patrick Trauffer and Markus Frey as reinforcement for the assembly on board. With his SC-2/600 Markus milled all small parts for the plane, from hinges to guide rollers to joysticks, so that it, as well as the catapult, could be finished within only 7 days!

While “iii” could engage glider and commercial airline pilot Yvonne Schwarz there was also no question as to who would be the best bobsleigh pusher because who could be more suited for this job as Bob Olympian and world champion Beat Hefti with Fredy Steinmann, Roland Tanner and Urs Aeberhard?

With such a high-ranking team a new masterstroke was already in the air: With 55.5 m flight distance they could break the previous Swiss record of 43 m and, thus, came in second!

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