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Tool not droping of...
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Tool not droping of during Automatic Tool change

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Our Automatic Tool change is working 90% of the time we use it but then every now and then the tool just doesn't come off.
So when it tries to change to the new tool the first tool is still on making it drive down the first to into the second tool wich breaks the first tool.

Does anyone know why this happens?

Veröffentlicht : 20/06/2022 5:04 pm
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I had the same problem.

If you encounter burnmarks on the SK 15 tool holder, you are running to fast with the feedrate.
The SK15 holder is not as rigid as the collett on the spindle without a n ATC.
Therefore you must increase rpm to 20-22000 and set the feedrate to about 2000mm / m

Also you can have to little pressure on the air. You need at the minimum 8 bar pressure. This means you have to have a 810 bar compressor.

Veröffentlicht : 08/05/2023 10:04 pm