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New M1000 will only...
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New M1000 will only utilize half of table

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HI All!

Just took delivery of a new M1000 that was prebuilt...feeling a little overwhelmed!

I'm having a couple of issues, my Y axis will stop short trigger a hard reset. To fix the issue I have to power off the system and then power it back on. I then continue to have issues getting it make it all the way to tool changer and not trigger the rest. The issue does seem to be happening less and less.

Bigger issue is that when I manually move the X,Y or Z axis they all will just go half way. Is there any type of calibration I need to run so that UCCNC can see the full footprint of the table? I can't seem to find much on getting started with using the machine once built. Am I missing some crucial documents or videos to help me finish setting everything up?

Any help would be appreciated.


Veröffentlicht : 11/09/2022 2:54 am
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In uccnc, check configuration>axis setup. Then check each axis to make sure that the soft limits are zero'd. I don't know how, but I occasionally have values show up and I do not know what I might be doing that puts them in there. But I have had issues that sound like what you are reporting and that was my fix.

While you are in there, run the calibration sequence on each axis. Found on the same page for each axis.

Veröffentlicht : 10/01/2023 4:43 am