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Using the 3D probe ...
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Using the 3D probe to find a part center and saving to WCS in UCCNC

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I've got the M.1000 with the ATC and 3D probe, and I have UCCNC for control software. I want to set up a fixture with multiple nests and use the tool offsets to machine multiple copies of my parts.

Ideally, I would like to load the blanks (very close to nominal outside dimensions, but not perfect) and find the center of the part with the probe and use that as the X0 for the WCS. That way all the features should be centered in the part regardless of the actual width of the part. I want to do this for each nest.

This seems like a straightforward thing to do - but I'm not familiar enough with the machine to know the process. Does anyone have a procedure or macro for doing this?


Veröffentlicht : 25/01/2023 7:57 pm