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Reverse image

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I'm making a led sign out of clear acrylic. I want reverse the image to engrave on the acrylic on the backside and when i turn it around the image is in the correct orinentation if that makes sense. Im using cut2d and uccnc, cant figure out how to reverse the image.


Veröffentlicht : 10/03/2016 10:40 pm
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... cant figure out how to reverse the image.


I don't have cut2d but if I would believe in that what I can find in the Internet I would have a closer look at:
"Vector Transform & Editing" / Transform objects / "mirror" (or something what is called similar ...)

It's not only about tools it's also about skills! 😉

Veröffentlicht : 11/03/2016 6:44 am
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Select all vectors (so they all go pink)

Then select "mirror selected vectors" under the "edit vectors" menu on left.

Veröffentlicht : 11/03/2016 9:00 pm
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Thanks got it sorted. problem for me now i want to remove large area of material that also has sharp corners, i was going to use the tip of a vbit with a pass of 0.3mm but cut2d estimate is over 20 hours to finish the job.

Veröffentlicht : 11/03/2016 11:12 pm