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Can someone explain how they setup the machine for hotwire foam cutting? What software did you use?

Veröffentlicht : 16/04/2017 9:30 pm
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Using modern technology, Hotwire foam cutters allow creating practically any product of the most complicated shape in a fast, accurate and relatively inexpensive way. Hotwire foam cutting machines are used to create display letters, 3D Logos, graphics, signboards, labels for indoor and outdoor ads, decor elements, fair stalls, store props & thematic props, pipe insulation, precast concrete molds, columns, etc.

Veröffentlicht : 27/09/2017 5:35 pm
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is it possible to cut an acrylic tube at an angle with your wire cutter?

Veröffentlicht : 17/03/2019 2:48 pm