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Checking/meauring t...
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Checking/meauring the flatness of the table

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Marc Engrie
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Hi, I have a D2-600 with PK running. I started using UCCNC recently as well as the TLS.
During some projects, I do a profile cut which is slighty (0.2mm) deeper than the stock material thickness.
What I seel is that on one side (closer to 0,0) I cut through the stock material but on the other side ( away from 0,0) I barely get through or sometime even not.
One solution is to cut deeper eg 0.5 mm but another would be to level my table.
For the last one I was thinking of using the TLS sensor and measure the height-difference with reference to a point nearby 0,0 eg 10,10.
The result should be shown onto the screen say like this: 10,10 = 0, 10,100 = -0,05, 10,200= -0,10 ..... 100,10 = 0, 10, 100 = -0,05 and so on
I looked already into the macros that come with UCCNC but I can not figure out all details.
Has some altready done this or is there a macro-guide somewhere or can somebody help me to develop this?

Any feedback is highly apprecaited


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